What are the basic documents required to open a trading+demat account?
To open a trading + demat account following are the basic documents required -“Copy of Pan Card” “Copy of Bank proof” “Copy of valid residence address proof” ( or office address proof in case of Corporate Account) “Copy of Demat proof ” Copy of valid financial proof .
  Is it mandatory for me to produce my original documents to your sales officer for verification of Photocopies?
Yes. It is very much mandatory to provide your original documents to our Sales officer for verification process of photo copies.
  Is it mandatory for the client to self attest the photocopies of the documents provided?
Yes. It is mandatory for clients to self attest all the photocopies of the document.
  Is it mandatory to submit the financial proof to open derivative account segment?
Yes. It is mandatory to provide valid financial proof to open any derivative segment. Refer account opening form to know the detailed list of financial documents that can be accepted.
  I do not have latest 6 months Bank statement with me, what are the other optional documents that can be taken as financial proof?
Following are the applicable documents apart from bank statement as a valid financial proof, please provide any one of the following -* Copy of ITR Acknowledgement (for last financial year)* Copy of Annual Accounts (for last financial year)* Copy of Form 16 in case of salary income (for last financial year)* Net worth certificate (latest one, or at the end of last financial year)* Salary Slip (for one month in current financial year)* Copy of Demat account Holding statement (not more than 3 months old)
  What is RTGS in KYC? What are the additional documents required to opt RTGS?
It is Real Time Gross Settlement which relates to direct credit of your fund to your bank account mapped to Angel. You need to provide us with the cancelled cheque copy of your bank account.
  I want to open HUF account keeping myself as a karta, is it mandatory to provide my individual documents too along with HUF documents?
Yes. If you want to open HUF account, keeping you as a karta then you need to provide us with your individual documents such as individual pan card copy and address proof.
  I want to close my account and to transfer all my shares to my another Demat account, what is the procedure for the same?
“Below given documents are required for transfer cum closure process – • Account closure form• Original latest CML Copy of other DP along with DP official attestation and seal.• If there is any Inactive script in clients DP account, then DIS slip is mandatory so that post the respective script is activated, it can be transferred to the provided DP (other DP). Kindly submit all the above documents to our branch.”
  I am an offline client, now I wanted to trade online, what is the process for the same?
To convert your account from Offline to Online portal, please fill the application for Internet trading and Mobile trading or you can mark a request through our website.
  How many banks can be added to my trading account?
Client can add as many bank account as per his desire but only one bank can be marked as a default payout bank for funds.
  What are the charges for account closure?
There are no charges for account closure.
  How would I get to know the details of my account (Debit+Credit) before closure of my account?
You can contact your registered branch to get the debit+credit details of your account or you can check the same form your back office login.
  I got a mail for Demat charges recovery but I had already told your official to close my account 2 months back on phone, can you please explain me?
Account Closure request given on phone is not a valid request. You should submit the physical copy of account closure request to your registered branch in order to get your account closed.
  What is the procedure of account closure in case I have a debit in my account?
In such a scenario you should first clear all your debit in all the segments by issuing cheque in favor of Angel and then submit the account closure request to your registered branch or else your account closure request will be liable for rejection due to debit.
  I will not operate my trading as well as demat account for the next 6 months, will you still charge me account maintenance charge?
Yes, even if there are no transactions executed in your account, you will be charged with the Account Maintenance Charges
  What is Transmission?
Transmission means transfer of securities from one demat account to new demat account due to the death of the sole account holder. Transmission can be applied by Nominee / Successor / Guardian of the successor or nominee (In case of Minor)
  My son is 5 years of age, can he be the nominee for my Demat account?
Yes, he can be a nominee to your demat account and since he is a minor, you need to provide guardian details for him in the KYC.
  What is POA in Demat Account meant for?
POA stands for Power of Attorney in DP account where in beneficial Owner appoint Angel broking as a lawful attorney on behalf of him/her for the purpose of Auto Pay-in of shares to exchange to discharge the settlement obligations in respect of securities sold by him/her or for the purpose of providing margin in respect of trading position taken up by BO. Please refer to the POA form in our KYC application for further details.
  What is KRA?
KRA or KYC Registration Agency is an agency registered with SEBI under the Securities and Exchange Board of India {KYC (Know Your Client) Registration Agency} Regulations, 2011. The KRA maintains KYC records of an investor centrally, on behalf of capital market intermediaries registered with SEBI.
  How would I get to know the registration status of my KRA?
You will get an acknowledgement Letter from CVL-KRA after your successful registration with KRA.
  I wanted to open trading and demat account under Corporate category, should I need to submit KRA form for all the directors?
Yes, even if you want to open Corporate account, you have to submit KRA form with all the authorized director details.